My brain is full!

My brain is full of useless information- Some of which I need, some is truly useless! I need to make room for more valuable information without mistakenly ‘trashing’ STUFF I may need some day. I need to ‘categorize and tag’ my own thoughts and memories. And organize the closets of my mind…. What if I … Continue reading My brain is full!

Playing with technology

Playing with this technology is akin to playing with fire… I have been burnt repeatedly all day. You think one would learn- but through perseverance I suppose the lessons are branded! Tweeting is a dangerous pastime as well! The purpose of this exercise in futility is to master this technology and use it as a … Continue reading Playing with technology

Winter Blues

Greetings growers of things! January… blah! Especially for those of us who thrive on growth, everything seems dead and grey! However this is the time of the year for rest, reflection, planning and nurturing energy. Look to nature- it seems inactive, but it is just regrouping, as am I… Here I sit preparing to document … Continue reading Winter Blues