Rant of the Day

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Ever since I heard the report on CBC radio this morning about K-cups and the single–serve coffee machine craze, I have been in a stew. It is mind-boggling and depressing to think that in this day and age when people on so many fronts are working to reduce waste, so many others are buying another […]

Deep Thoughts

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Writing can be a very effective way of organizing and recording one’s thoughts, and having been reading this morning on critical theory and perspective transformation (as opposed to doing the usual New York Times crossword), I feel a need for some cognitive back-up. Perspective transformation involves first recognizing and identifying internalized cultural myths and ideologies, […]

Cretan Oasis

Imagine sitting on this patio, sipping your morning coffee, taking in the fresh mountain air before heading out for a hike to an ancient Roman aqueduct or a quaint cave-church overlooking the valley. Metohi House is a Bed & Breakfast paradise hidden away in the mountains of central Crete. Set in a traditional Cretan village […]