Making lines

This series of images is part of research project intended to provide students and instructors some ideas to put into their own visual “toolbox”. We are prototyping and developing more of these resources over at which as of this posting is still only a fresh WP install with no content. I HAD put some content … Continue reading Making lines

Thinking (again) about the sequential art (comics) workshop

Its been a long minute that this post has sat in a draft form in my dashboard, 2 years in fact. There wasn’t even really much written here just the bunch of links below and some half baked intentions, but having recently gone back to scan all the pages of one specific sketchbook (for another upcoming … Continue reading Thinking (again) about the sequential art (comics) workshop

Learning to see – A drawing activity

Below is a prototype for a drawing activity and presentation I have been experimenting with. It came about during an “instructional skills workshop” in which we are asked to prepare and deliver a 10 min. mini lesson. This activity is designed to get participants to see the world in a new way using a classic drawing technique … Continue reading Learning to see – A drawing activity

16 panel biography, a comic book assignment

It’s been almost two years since I participated in Scott McClouds’ comic book workshop, and there are lingering artefacts and ideas which I see and think about all the time. Above is a series of images from Scotts’ book Making Comics which he had printed on 8.5 X 11, and taped up over a window on our … Continue reading 16 panel biography, a comic book assignment

Myself in Four Icons

Before jumping into the youshow with my first crack at an ‘icon story’ assignment or, “Describe Yourself in Four Icons #ysdaily14“, I watched this video. Make a four icon collage of symbols or icons that describe you or your interests. Try to find ones that are graphically uniform in design – the ones above are from … Continue reading Myself in Four Icons

Drawings on the wall, and the internet.

  I’ve been thinking about my life drawing practice lately. I always keep an arrangement of my best works displayed on a ‘gallery wall’ at my place, a habit I find both enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing. I can often have the same ones posted for months, but when its time, I think nothing of replacing them with fresh pieces. I do … Continue reading Drawings on the wall, and the internet.

Learning to fail

Last month I had the pleasure of attending the 2nd annual Failure Wake held by SFU’s “social innovation lab” known as Radius. I’ve become increasingly aware of  developments there through several projects I’ve worked on with some of the faculty at Beedie School of Business including visual summaries and animations.  I’ve been impressed by their “RADIcal ideas … Continue reading Learning to fail

Whiteboard animation for International Development

A little bit about a recently completed whiteboard animation project using Videoscribe. I recently wrapped production of a new whiteboard animation with collaborator, and illustrator extraordinaire Sarah Menard. The project we took on was a promotional piece for an academic work by prof. Martin Scott, working with David Girling from The School of International Development at UEA. Sarah and I are … Continue reading Whiteboard animation for International Development