The You Show: Using Visual Media (Episode 2)

To launch the unit on Saying it With Visuals, Brian and Alan convene in the You Show Studio to talk about using images and how to become better photographers. This week we again will have a Prime Time session with Alan Levine on Finding, Making, and Blogging with Visuals. And a chance to use yet another new, groovy SPLOT tool.

There are a set of suggested assignments, including a Photo Safari (a scavenger hunt), a week of mostly photographic challenges.

We mainly want everyone to continue settling into their blog home and to start trying to use some kind of image in every blog post.

Also, we will stress the importance of using media that is either your own or is licensed for re-use. We will introduce some tools to make the attributing a tad easier.

And maybe, by the end of the week, Brian and Alan will understand that it’s not about Creative Communists.