A Month of Creative Ideas? Join Us

Canva Design School Blog One of my favorite brushes for my digital palette is Canva. I like it because it is free to use, easily shared, remixable, a user-friendly joy to use, and so very handy. I have always thought of Canva as one of those perfect hothouses for creative work– any age and skill level. … Continue reading A Month of Creative Ideas? Join Us

Drone Drone Drone

So recently TRU purchased a UAV or as they are more commonly known as a Drone.  I am sharing responsibility of using/flying/piloting it with one other campus employee at this time.  For now I have had exclusive access to it and it is amazing.  

We picked the DJI Inspire 1 for ease of use and camera quality.  

Here is some footage from one of the first test flights: https://barabus.tru.ca/drone/drone_may23.html

I love this machine.  It is so great in design and usability.  As well, the camera has exceeded my expectations in terms of resolution and stability.

My first flight ended in a disaster and I broke a couple props. Luckily DJI was smart enough to include multiples.  Next flight I only lost one prop.  I am now skilled/careful enough that I haven’t broken anything else.

So far I have logged 1hr and 49 minutes of flight time at 15 minutes or less of each session due to battery life. 14,808 meters of flight distance, and a total of 19 flights over 9 days.  Not sure what the app considers a flight since, over the 9 days I have had full sessions of 15 minutes or less. ie I didn’t land and then take off again, but kept it in the air for as long as the battery lasted.

Initially the machine was set to beginner mode and would stay within 30m, either due to the amount of flying time or some other factor I can now fly as far as I want away, and 119meters straight up.  I didn’t disengage the beginner mode as far as I know so it is interesting that I was graduated.

I am excited to use this as a camera platform and cant wait to share what I have captured.  My collegue Bob and I also have thought of using it as a 360 degree panorama device similar to what we used here: https://barabus.tru.ca/watertreatment/  or here:


Since the UAV is so steady and has such a wide angle of view we are hoping we can position it, snap some photos and turn it into a nice quick 360 pano in some exciting positions.  

More to come!

Where the Light Gets In

Kenyon’s Middle Path is a mile-long stretch of gravel running through the center of the college. Given time, almost everyone at Kenyon walks Middle Path; it’s not just an pedestrian artery, but arguably the heart of the campus, the place where we see each other, communicate, nurture relationships. We also joke that it’s a terrible … Continue reading Where the Light Gets In

I’m a TRU Baby

I enrolled at the University College of the Cariboo in 2002. What I didn’t know then was that I would be participating in the evolution of a college into a university. This year, 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of Thompson Rivers University. Having been present during TRU’s infancy and now surviving it’s pre-teen growing pains, … Continue reading I’m a TRU Baby

Tyranny of the Meritocracy

Lani Guinier’s new book The Tyranny of the Meritocracy will be of interest to many in the connectivist circles where I run. We believe that individual knowledge is created in social contexts and through social interaction. We prize collaboration skills. We’ve heard it all, and buy it – that this is an increasingly connected age, … Continue reading Tyranny of the Meritocracy

PowerPoint Karaoke, Improv Presentation & the Infinite Game–Playing to Learn

I have known about PowerPoint Karaoke for years.  If the idea is new to you think “improv for presenters”.  Terrifying?  To some, any kind of presenting is next to losing a family member or having a tarantula crawl on you… and that is why  I am exploring this as end-of-class fun for everybody. So big … Continue reading PowerPoint Karaoke, Improv Presentation & the Infinite Game–Playing to Learn

Pressure Makes Perfect

We have all felt it at some point, whether it’s in the gym, the workplace, the home…the pressure to be successful is always looming. Pressure, stress and anxiety are all created in the mind. When an athlete can gain control over the thoughts that are…