I’m a TRU Baby

I enrolled at the University College of the Cariboo in 2002. What I didn’t know then was that I would be participating in the evolution of a college into a university.

This year, 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of Thompson Rivers University. Having been present during TRU’s infancy and now surviving it’s pre-teen growing pains, I feel qualified to share with you the 10 reasons why TRU is the best university in the world.

1) Our acronym can easily be molded to portray a thousand different feels, e.g. TRUly United, Live TRUly Well, Super TRUpers (made that last one up but feel free to use it, you’re welcome).

2) Really, Mar/Comm is just rolling in the creative play dough! Our uni mascot “Wolfpack” makes for no-brainer catch phrases, i.e. Back the Pack! Stacked and Jacked! Lay down the smack! Pack Attack!

3) There is, quite literally, a department on campus dedicated to student engagement. Guess what the department is called…

4) Environmental sustainability is embedded in the strategic priorities. #sotrendy

5) Not only has TRU evolved but so has this little ginger’s career timeline, all in one convenient location:

6) There are multiple locations on campus where I can get my coffee fix. Ironic post #1: I didn’t start drinking coffee until I got my desk job at TRU. #viscouscycle

7) The faculty and staff are real people with real talents. #DrAlanShaver #notjustaprettyface #actingprops

8) The architecture, while an eclectic mish-mash, is awe-inspiring.


TRU flickr public domain

9) There’s never a dull moment… http://events.tru.ca/


TRU Flickr public domain

10) Even once you think you’re done with TRU you can’t seem to get away… http://alumni.inside.tru.ca/