Whaddya Mean, You’re Closed?

I started the morning in control. Internet filters up, project in mind, ready to get to ‘done’. I wanted to work on my Scoop.It accounts because I have had some activity this week and felt duty bound to find some more good stuff for my peoples. I found some classic linkbait in my Scoop.It content box and decided to make short work of it. I mean, really, all the ads. I already know these tools, right?

Not so much it turns out. Take social bookmarking tool Kippt for example. Let me digress.

First, I did a quick skim of the author’s Twitter site which was handily linked at the bottom of the article. Not bad, I followed. I checked out his blog and while I did not agree with the sentiments of his hyperbolic post about Indian feminism, I had to say the guy has voice and is fun to read. So far, OK. Maybe I can give this post a chance.

A quick skim of the post had revealed lots of new tools. My curation filter, the one that says, “Only sign up for this if it gives an immediate hum.” I know. What a ridiculous filter, but I always start with a embodied bias. I listen for a feel, a synaesthetic rumble and taste.

I read the post text about Kippt and get that immediate dopamine squirm of discovery. Profuse sighs all about, I step down into the hyperlink and into Kippt land.

Here are my discoveries:

Visual, social bookmarking service
Chrome extension
An RSS feed
Lots of associated apps including a WordPress widget

OK, so I sign up and discover…I have already signed up. What the hell. What made me forget I had already been here, done that? There’s a cogpsy research experiment in that I am sure, but I gloss over that and sign in with the first possible login that bubbles up into my frog pond mind. Voila. I am in.

I like to take the tool for a spin at this point so I created what the folks at Kippt call a “list”. In this case it is a list of Zotero tools for beginners in my English 300 Composition class. It seems just like Diigo except it is all pinteresty pretty. I find out there is not an embed share, but there is an RSS feed

Zotero 4 All by tellio – Kippt

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Author: tellio
Posted: April 2, 2015, 12:32 pm

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Author: tellio
Posted: April 2, 2015, 12:27 pm

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Author: tellio
Posted: April 2, 2015, 12:24 pm

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Author: tellio
Posted: April 2, 2015, 12:23 pm

So advantage to Kippt for having an RSS feed for every list. Very handy.

Then I discover…Kippt has been shutdown. I still have access to the site and can still create lists, but…apparently no one can view them except through the widget I set up. So all the spinning about was for no good reason? A couple of hours shot on a rainy spring morning?

I’m over it; however, if the author had done a proper curating job and checked out the availability of the tool, then I wouldn’t have been sucked into that maelstrom.

Now all that is left is to look at the rest of the post and linkbait and ask, “Do ya feel lucky?”