breakdown-sheets Okay, you’ve bitten off on The Pitch, and you may or may not have checked out the Crew Call (how to participate).

What happens when and what you can expect to do will be spelled out below in the “Breakdown Sheets”. These are the things we suggest you do for each segment in your own production of The You Show. Let’s be clear though; your production is completely self funded by your time; we have no concept of failure, or dropout, or incompletion. That’s not our style.

Current Units

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Future Topics

  • Weeks 6 and 7: Making Movies (Weeks of Feb 16 and Feb 23, 2015) What works in cinematography, the nuts and bolts of production. Produce a Personal Interest Trailer.
  • Week 8: Putting It Together (Week of Mar 2, 2015) Work towards a first premiere of your work in this course, by remixing your own creations.

Original Plan for Scheduling

What you may expect is a weekly schedule as follows:

  • Tuesday: We start our week a day later than everyone else. Let’s you get over the Monday hump. Introduce a Breakdown Sheet for the current topic with a Dispatch message and short video message.
  • Midweek: Prime Time events; a series of invited guest experts.
  • Thursday, Friday: TRU Production crew meeting. If you are onsite, you are encouraged to drop in for face to face meetings where we can troubleshoot, offer suggestions, etc. Lectures will not occur.
  • Sunday: Post your Weeklies, a reflective summary of what you got done that week.