Slow Viewing

    No, Charlie B, I will not shut up. In fact Charlie, if you don’t like it, turn around. It’s an experiment, only I am not going to use you for some vague research agenda. What I have found out over the last year is that asking people to give a damn is asking a … Continue reading Slow Viewing

Case Studies in Rhizomatic Practice

I have been working at trying to identify what #rhizopractice might or might not look like.  I kept expecting some kind of look at rhizomatic practice (and we may yet get that), but this week seemed like a free for all so I decided to learn rhizomatically, medially, marginally, and disruptively as much as I … Continue reading Case Studies in Rhizomatic Practice

5/10/15: VideoEtherpad on Multiple of Five Day in May

I had kinda lost touch with etherpad. I occasionally used a version of it like PrimaryPad or TitanPad when I was collaborating with friends,but I hadn’t paid any attention to what the Etherpad Foundation was doing with the code since Google bought the company and released the code in the wild.  Well…it now has video. … Continue reading 5/10/15: VideoEtherpad on Multiple of Five Day in May

Creating Ritual Space in #Rhizo15: Why and How

    I have been closely annotating my way via the Rhizo15 Diigo Group through a rich repast of a blog post by Sarah Perry on Venkat Rao’s blog, Ribbonfarm. One of her purposes is to explore how identity  is created or as she terms it, ‘peopled’. Perry draws on the writing of Philippe Rochat in his book, Others … Continue reading Creating Ritual Space in #Rhizo15: Why and How

One Walk, Three Ways

I borrowed this phrase from Stacy Kerr’s YouTube Video of the same name. I am also reminded of Alexandra’s Horowitz’s On Looking: Eleven Walks with Expert Ideas as I write this.  The purpose of my post is to get interaction with the reader in three different ways on the topic of rhizomatic learning via three different … Continue reading One Walk, Three Ways