Slow Viewing

    No, Charlie B, I will not shut up. In fact Charlie, if you don’t like it, turn around. It’s an experiment, only I am not going to use you for some vague research agenda. What I have found out over the last year is that asking people to give a damn is asking a … Continue reading Slow Viewing

Case Studies in Rhizomatic Practice

I have been working at trying to identify what #rhizopractice might or might not look like.  I kept expecting some kind of look at rhizomatic practice (and we may yet get that), but this week seemed like a free for all so I decided to learn rhizomatically, medially, marginally, and disruptively as much as I … Continue reading Case Studies in Rhizomatic Practice


Haiku here inspired by Susan Watson’s poem “Quicksand, Ellipsis”.  The story behind this is simple.  When it gets emerald and alive and warm and foggy with spring life squeezing into every open door and window and orifice of perception…well, that is surfeit of, too much of, much too much of necessary Spring. The poem also arises out … Continue reading SpringHaikuTooMuch

Don’t Just Derive | Engender and Thrive

Just finished reading Tania Sheko’s blog post about Pinterest as well as viewed her SlideShare presentation below. Go ahead and check it. I’ll wait. Pinterest presentation Mihaela Brysha and Tania Sheko (curriculum day 2015) (1) from Tania Sheko You can tell she has thought about Pinterest and its thoughtful uses for quite awhile.  Sometimes you just know … Continue reading Don’t Just Derive | Engender and Thrive

The 13th Donut or Gift from the Gods

This post was inspired by a comment on my other blog by Joe Murphy. Tweedy Impertinence If you click in the box above you will see Joe’s post and my annotation of Joe’s post, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”. Not sure, but I think Joe came to my post via #YouShow15 and I really wanted to reciprocate or … Continue reading The 13th Donut or Gift from the Gods