Love Defined

 People often ask me, “Hey mister, what is love?”  Why they ask me I have no idea, but being a man of philosophical inquiry, a man interested in what great minds before mine pondered while they searched the davenport for loose change to settle up with the doxy, I set to musing on this vexing […]

Anti-Bullying Day

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  My Bully Story Wherein the Author, in Tender Youth, Learns a Rather Painful Lesson and Reflects on the Delicate Balance Between Being Bullied and Being a Bully Oneself   Once upon a time, in a junior high school situated in a sleepy little community on an enchanted island, there was a nice young man […]

Ode to the Pencil

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  I‘ve always preferred using a pencil to a pen simply because they are far superior in every way, and always have been. For instance, pencils were so revered in olden times that Shakespeare has his Hamlet soliloquize, “2B or not 2B…” in one of the most famous poems ever written.  It’s about hardness. Plus […]

My SumMer vacation, Grade 6

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MY SUMMER VACATION By Robbie Swanson Grade 6 Ms. Barnard   Flew in an aeroplane from Kamloops Bee Cee to Vancouver Bee Cee to Victoria Bee Cee.  Packed my fishing gear beer rum and cookies and went to Port Renfrew Bee Cee for one week of salmon fishing with pro guide Dave Hoban.  Stayed at […]

Missing the Forest

The other kids all laugh at me, When I say I write poetry. “Mushy! Yucky!” they all taunt, “Sappy love words we don’t want!” “But,” I say with pencil raised, “Poems help us all to crack the maze, Of life, the world, and our place in it, Great stories told in just mere minutes!” “Baloney! […]