Getting Squirrelly

Ah, Spring!  The time of year when our thoughts turn away from mundane tasks such as shoveling snow while mummified to frolicking in public places wearing a Speedo and a smile.  From toques and scarves and long underwear to the carefree state of déshabillé. But one likes to be fit if exposing so much of […]

Ode to the Pencil

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  I‘ve always preferred using a pencil to a pen simply because they are far superior in every way, and always have been. For instance, pencils were so revered in olden times that Shakespeare has his Hamlet soliloquize, “2B or not 2B…” in one of the most famous poems ever written.  It’s about hardness. Plus […]


This site has been built for an eight week seminar called The You Show,  hosted by Brian Lamb and Alan Levine at Thompson Rivers University.  The seminar is meant to be a hands-on experience in storytelling in the digital age, using all the bells, whistles and euphoniums available in our digital world.  Jolly good fun.