critiquing your thinking

I attended a conference last weekend and was particularly interested in the breakout session on critical thinking by Dr. Matthew Etherington, who recounted his experience at a recent education conference where he attended a panel discussion on critical thinking. One of the pronouncements made by one of the panelists (a longtime teacher educator) was that […]

learning design in wordpress

Part of the application of my learning during YouShow has been designing a connected professional development course for our OLFMs in Open Learning. I have taken a great deal of what I’ve learned here about RSS and general WordPressing and applied that knowledge to the course and I am grateful for Alan’s and Brian’s openness […]

Sample Learning Activities Portfolio Post

Source I learned of this activity from Colin’s post. Description A student posted her introduction as a voice-over PowerPoint. My Thoughts It was great to hear her voice and see images. I want to think about connecting with my students early in the course in a similarly engaging way. I also like the way that […]

keeping it real

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Today was my annual lesson in authenticity. I’ve spent since November 7 riding my rollers a couple times a week to try to keep my legs about me. creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-SA ) flickr photo shared by CulturalVertigo It is actually a little less fun than it looks, but it is better than riding […]

going live

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I’ve been slowly moving the structure that I’ve started here over to my main site at It has been good to have this spot to test things out, work out some theme kinks and quirks and just figure out how this thing can all work together. I have a couple of presentations coming up […]

exploring petersen creek

Took a little photo safari today with my youngest son and only daughter. Son #1 decided that the couch was preferable to enjoying the spring weather…oh well, maybe tomorrow. Anyways, the purpose of our little adventure was to get up into Petersen Creek Park in Kamloops and let Selah experiment with longer exposure photography. Surprisingly, […]