Thorwback Thursday

Last year through the Centre for Student Engagement and Learning Innovation and in collaboration with School District #73, I was part of the organizing committee for the first ever Tedx:Youth@Kamloops event. Through organizing and leading committee meetings, documenting meeting plans and minutes, assisting in the development of student presentations, creating a grading rubric and action list, […]

The World Around Us

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The world around us is filled with extravagant beauty and being from British Columbia has only opened my eyes to the wonders of camp sites, hiking trails, and waterfalls. The outdoors is one of my favourite places to be and adventure is one of many methods I use to learn and grow as an individual. […]

The Man in the Mirror

The 21st century has much of society unattached to the problems in the world, the people around us, and even from ourselves. We have a lot to learn outside of our schedules, emails and news feeds, and many individuals don’t take the opportunity to reflect and learn from everything between the lines. Self-reflection is something far more…