Screencast resources galore

Bernie Warren identified Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything site in his TPC discussion. It is a comprehensive site with tremendous information in a wide variety of topics. As far as screencasting goes, there’s something on it to meet the needs of everyone from beginner to expert.  Check out Kathy Schrock’s site  here. Enjoy!

Flipping the classroom

Delivering information and lectures on-line can open the opportunity to Flip the Classroom. This delivery mode requires students to complete material prior to attending the scheduled class, which is then used for practical work on tasks students have difficulty with. The idea is sound but there are pitfalls. Listen to Robert Talbert, whose five years

ID ing

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It certainly seems like there is a lot more interest in the skill of instructional design these days.creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-SA ) flickr photo shared by Perhaps this interest comes from the increase in modes of learning that are available today. Particularly in the e-learning realm. People can choose anything from MOOC’s which

Getting started with Screencasting

I’m becoming an advocate for the use of screencasting at TRU. I think the technology is underutilized in our courses on campus and in the Open Learning department, of which I’m an instructional designer. So, this page is going to be dedicated to the teaching and learning effectiveness of screencasting. I’ll be researching scholarly information […]