Humming Maxwell

Today’s Daily challenge was “Hum your first musical memory” — I wrote it and recycled from one we did before as a DS106 Daily Create. Part of my philosophy of doing Daily challenges is that the real creativity is in how you interpret the “assignment”. Since they are no grades, no critical reviews you are … Continue reading Humming Maxwell

Brother West

I was certainly curious last week to attend the Cornel West talk that is part of the TRU Student’s Commons Voices series, not knowing quite what to expect. I have only a weak association of West with his music and the long ago now infamous Obama Beer Summit following West’s police confrontations. But everything was … Continue reading Brother West

It’s All About Soup

Because wordpress makes it easy to embed a video. Find a video on Youtube or vimeo. Copy it’s URL, or web address. In my wordpress blog editor, just put that URL on an empty line, all alone (not as a hyperlink), e.g. And voila! It is embedded Video in your page, mmmmmm good.