Case Studies in Rhizomatic Practice

I have been working at trying to identify what #rhizopractice might or might not look like.  I kept expecting some kind of look at rhizomatic practice (and we may yet get that), but this week seemed like a free for all so I decided to learn rhizomatically, medially, marginally, and disruptively as much as I … Continue reading Case Studies in Rhizomatic Practice

5/10/15: VideoEtherpad on Multiple of Five Day in May

I had kinda lost touch with etherpad. I occasionally used a version of it like PrimaryPad or TitanPad when I was collaborating with friends,but I hadn’t paid any attention to what the Etherpad Foundation was doing with the code since Google bought the company and released the code in the wild.  Well…it now has video. … Continue reading 5/10/15: VideoEtherpad on Multiple of Five Day in May

A HaikuGif: 円相, Enso, 円相

@sensor63 @telliowkuwp Does most language defraud experience? See beautiful coastline & say: That’s nice. Defrocked & defrauded, no? — Keith Hamon (@kwhamon) May 5, 2015 Above is the tweet … Source: The haiku is also performed backwards.  It might mean the same backwards and forwards. Not sure, but I know this for sure–without the impetus … Continue reading A HaikuGif: 円相, Enso, 円相

TrailBlazing: Rhizomatic Practice

I have been experimenting with the idea of ‘feedforward’ in my work here in #Rhizo15. In a guided journaling exercise I shared with some folks (and I am still sifting through your responses) I disc… Source: I am the worker bee scouting out food and bringing back maps.  You figure out the line of flight … Continue reading TrailBlazing: Rhizomatic Practice

Lunch Pail Manifesto

One of the tropes that grew out of my feedforward journaling exercise was this: I am returning to the hive on a regular basis with pollen and water and taking out poop and the detritus of regular h… Source: Having fun beginning to create a template for my scout bee work for Rhizo15. See … Continue reading Lunch Pail Manifesto

Sheep Track Know-How

I am thinking out loud in this post about of the word ‘practice’ in the title of our little adventure:  Rhizo15–a practical view. Yes, I want practice.  I have been following the weeks’ adventures from the margins with poetry and guided journaling and multi-modal summings-up.  These are the techne,  the craft, the ‘know-how’, that I seek … Continue reading Sheep Track Know-How