It’s always show time here at the edge of the stage

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Most of my experiments with web publication have been experiments with form. My late-and-unlamented blog on Blogger, my Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ presences, even my DS106 blog (which needs a daily create before it starts pining for the fjords) – all primarily attempts to understand tools through their constraints. So the act of planning the … Continue reading It’s always show time here at the edge of the stage

Every one of them words rang true

We had an exciting visit to Kenyon by David Rosenwasser and Jill Stephen, authors of Writing Analytically. (Dave and Jill are absolutely charming and wonderful workshop facilitators; if you’re having a campus conversation about writing you should look them up.) One of their techniques is to have students keep a commonplace book. As a classroom … Continue reading Every one of them words rang true

Plan an Organizational Structure

Well, I have decided to plan an organizational structure for my blog.  I started in creating categories.  I ended with four right now: News & Issues Using Technology Presentations Uncategorized Creating an organisational scheme somehow needs a lot of brainstorming and it turns up quite tricky sometimes.Filed under: News & Issues Tagged: portfoliostructure

Organizing this site

One of the activities for this week for the You Show is to think about and implement an organizational structure for your site. As this site will serve as a kind of professional portfolio for my work at the university, the structure I’m thinking about is tailored to that. Specifically, it’s tailored to criteria that …