Design Safari

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For the You Show unit 3, one of the things we could do was a design safari, where we take pictures of things that express certain design principles (which are explained through links, here). I have been trying to find designs to take pictures of all last week and this week (I’m a bit behind), […]

You Show Daily #8: repeating pattern

Yesterday’s You Show Daily was to take a photo of an interesting repeating pattern. I decided to mix that with one of the suggestions from week 2 of the You Show, to try taking images from unusual angles. I did two sets of images for this daily create, both with repeating patterns and unusual angles. …

Organizing this site

One of the activities for this week for the You Show is to think about and implement an organizational structure for your site. As this site will serve as a kind of professional portfolio for my work at the university, the structure I’m thinking about is tailored to that. Specifically, it’s tailored to criteria that …