Postcards, Made and Found

Sending and receiving mail – real mail, not electronic gibberish – has long been one of the many pleasures in my life.  I reckon I post over two hundred pieces of mail each year, and while I receive only about one-tenth in return the main point of the exercise, for me, is entertaining myself…and maybe […]

Why WordPress makes me want to cry

As I’ve said before, I’m an all or nothing kind of gal. My bestie is my biggest champion but never shies away from giving me a reality check. When describing my personality today she said: “You are like me….but, 100x me in every way… <smarter<better athlete<better body<harder worker<cares more about life <masters degree <bigger stress … Continue reading Why WordPress makes me want to cry

Three years of writing about education’s future

Originally posted on Bryan Alexander:
It’s hard to believe that, as of this month’s report, FTTE has run for three years. Three years ago I shared the first issue of Future Trends in Technology and Education.  Back then it was just called Future Trends, and was published as a membership benefit for the National Institute…