So You Think You Joined A Cult

It has become apparent in my life that Crossfit has started to take a more significant roll. It has also become apparent that many of the people in my life don’t understand why a workout regimen would take up so much of my time and…

Eric Tremblay’s Active Learning in the Online Classroom

I’ve been doing some research on turning the carved in cold stone, virtual learning management space into a personal, living, breathing, interactive learning place and came across Eric’s post on active learning in the online classroom in his E-Learning Acupuncture blog.  This is an active, interesting blog that I’m posting in my Blogs I Follow […]

critiquing your thinking

I attended a conference last weekend and was particularly interested in the breakout session on critical thinking by Dr. Matthew Etherington, who recounted his experience at a recent education conference where he attended a panel discussion on critical thinking. One of the pronouncements made by one of the panelists (a longtime teacher educator) was that […]